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Saraswathi Educational Trust, Karur

Arulmurugan Institutions


Here's a little about what we're up to.

Arulmurugan Institutions, started in the year 2007 as a partner of the youth of today, with an outcome-based laser focus on prosperity, shares the youth's urgency and optimism for the future of the individual and the country. Arulmurugan College of Engineering is geared to work side by side with the individual students and committed, too, through the boldness by design and shape for future initiatives, to our continuous improvement and stake holders. Arulmurugan is an innovative and creative Institution.

Admission Contact

Dr. P. V. Kandasaamy, Correspondent, Phone: +919842980789, +919443942425

Mr. B. Rajasekar, Director, Phone: +919750323789, +919659153143

Mr. R.Deepan, Admission Officer - Phone: +91 98437 24225, +91 98427 24225

Contact Institutions

Arulmurugan College of Engineering
Karvazhi Road, Thennilai, Karur
Tel: 04320-237589, 237689 Fax: 04320-237 589, Email:

Arulmurugan Polytechnic College
Karvazhi Road, Thennilai, Karur
Tel: 04320-237189, 237379 Fax: 04320-237 589, Email: